What we are

Portage Area Community Theatre of Portage Wisconsin, is a theatre made by, with, and for the community. We are supported entirely by the community in collaboration between community members and P.A.C.T. board members. Performances made entirely by members of our community. P.A.C.T. is a very successful, non-profit business with a large active membership.

The P.A.C.T. Community is often devised and may draw on popular theatrical forms, such as performance modes from commercial theatre. Community theatre is understood to contribute to the social capital of a community, insofar as it develops the skills, community spirit, and artistic sensibilities of those who participate, whether as producers or audience-members.

Our goals are to provide a quality theater experience for our community, to provide a training facility for artistic, technical and administration aspects of theater and to have fun while we do it.

Thank you for your interest. Volunteers are always appreciated.